For God so loved the world…


Give to those of Faith helping everyone

Along with all other UM churches in the Virginia Conference, Walker Chapel’s benevolence giving begins with gifting to our apportioned share of the benevolence activities undertaken by the Conference.  This is the meaning of being UNITED as we join with the many other Methodist Churches, Chapels, and supporting groups to reach out to the many who grow with our gifts.

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World Service

The Virginia Conference’s top priority benevolence apportionment, World Service provides the basic support for most of the worldwide mission and ministry of the United Methodist Church. The World Service Fund enables the United Methodist Church to be in mission and ministry in 167 countries throughout the world; it funds evangelistic outreach, establishment of new churches, anti-hunger projects, social justice advocacy, and resources for local church work with children, youths, singles, students, disabled persons, and adults of all ages. Because of our contributions to World Service, every dollar raised for specific missions goes directly to them because overhead expenses are funded through World Service.

Virginia Education Fund

Supports the five Virginia Conference Church-related colleges, universities, and one preparatory school: Ferrum College, Randolph-Macon College, Randolph College, Shenandoah University, Virginia Wesleyan College, and Randolph-Macon Academy. Each school provides scholarships to United Methodist students attending it. The remainder of the Fund is used to support United Methodist chaplains on each campus and provide religious activities for all students on campus. Many of our UMC clergy come from these schools

Black College Fund

Immediately following the Civil War, the Methodist Church recognized its moral responsibility to provide educational opportunities for black people newly freed from slavery. More than 70 schools and colleges supported by the church were developed throughout the South and Southwest of the US. Today, eleven of these historically black colleges and universities, including one medical school, continue to receive support through the Black College Fund. These schools provide opportunities for many students of promise who otherwise might be excluded from higher education. Graduates of these institutions—teachers, doctors, ministers, judges, artists, and entrepreneurs—are often leaders in the African-American community and in a rapidly changing, more diverse United States

African University Fund

Supports the only United Methodist-related, degree-granting university on the continent of Africa. African University has more than 1,200 students from 22 African countries. As Zimbabwe’s first private university for men and women from all over Africa, it offers dynamic programs that include: agriculture and natural resources, education, health sciences, humanities and social sciences, management and administration and theology. The Institute of Peace, Leadership and Governance offers postgraduate studies and master’s programs. African students are excited to study in their own continent where the curriculum and instruction emphasize African culture, perspectives, and concerns. Africa University provides higher education of excellent quality, enriched with Christian values, for both men and women at roughly one-third the cost of such an education in the US. Through this Fund we have an unprecedented opportunity to minister to millions of people and to positively impact the continent of Africa through the leadership and guidance provided by graduates of Africa University.

For God so loved the world…

A giving heart is God’s gift to us. When we have much, we give to those less fortunate…when we are in need, the Chapel family reaches out and cares for us.  Like the footsteps in the sand there are times when we are able to step out boldly with Him by our side, but there are also times when we are weak and need Him to carry us.  We are not alone as we walk together through this life.