Caring for the Past

The Chapel Historic Cemetery provides perpetual care for loved ones as we coordinate with your selected Funeral Director and arrange memorial services and receptions as you wish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To celebrate a life forever to be remembered

Any Restrictions?

The main cemetery and memorial garden are open to all current and past members of Walker Chapel due to limited space.  We are expanding and enhancing the cemetery to open it to all who wish interment in a historic Christian burial ground.

What Types of Interments?

Currently full casketed and creamins interments are made in the main cemetery.  The small memorial garden support limited scattering of ashes and a small plaque.  When the Historic Cemetery Project is finished, all types of interments will be provided for all.


Historic Cemetery Project?

This is a multi-year project to enhance and expand the cemetery as we meet our responsibility to provide burial services to all in the community.  Current schedule is to do the design work and obtain permit approvals over the winter, start construction in the spring of 2020, and be completed by the end of 2020.

Do I Need a Funeral Home?

Yes.  The Funeral Director is licensed by the State of Virginia and oversees the entire interment.  Walker Chapel arranges for the physical interment, tent / chairs, closure, and Pastoral Services.  We can also provide links to memorial firms for the headstone and markers.

What if I Don't Live in Virginia?

For a casketed funeral you must have a funeral director both where you are and here in Virginia.  They will arrange for the transport to the cemetery.  Cremains may be carried with you. Usually the Virginal funeral director will also oversee the interment in accordance with Virginia Law.

What if I'm Not a Christian?

Eligibility is currently determined by Chapel membership, but once the Historic Cemetery Project is finished, there will be areas for all persons of all faiths, of all ethnicity, of all orientations.  There is only one table, and all are welcome.