For God so loved the world…

Giving, How To

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Secure?

All transaction activity takes place on Vanco’s system, no information is passing between computers on the internet.  All Internet traffic is highly encrypted and cannot be intercepted and decoded.  It is the best of the best…PCI compliant.

Can I say where my money goes?

All of the open places where you can give are available to you.  You can pick one or several and designate the amount you wish to give to each.  The Chapel on its own and as written in the Methodist Book of Discipline, must spend the money in accordance with your wishes.

Can I split my gift over time?

You can make any gift recurring for the period and frequency of your choice.  This way you can make a gift fitting your wishes and spread it out to fit your budget.

Online Giving


All credit card processing must now be PCI Compliant.  The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of security standards designed to ensure that ALL companies that accept, process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.

To protect your security and be PCI Compliant, Walker Chapel transfers you to the GIVEPlus+ payment site operated by Vanco, one of the premier payment managers.  All payment interactions take place through them and we do not have access to or save your credit card information or security code.

GIVEPlus+ securely passes process financial data, exclusive of method of payment, to our finance office where it is linked to your record with our Servant Keeper Church Management System [ChMS].  This allows us to give you a quarterly giving statement and sumarize the data for our accounting system.


Why Give

For God so loved the world…

A giving heart is God’s gift to us. When we have much, we give to those less fortunate…when we are in need, the Chapel family reaches out and cares for us.  Like the footsteps in the sand there are times when we are able to step out boldly with Him by our side, but there are also times when we are weak and need Him to carry us.  We are not alone as we walk together through this life.