The Historic Gathering Place for all

Welcome to the Chapel

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We can't wait to meet you!

Whether you have attended church your whole life or you’ve never entered a church, we invite you to come and experience everything that we have to offer here at Walker Chapel UMC.


10:30 to 11:30, come early & stay for fellowship 

The Sanctuary opens at 9:30am for personal prayer and thought.  The Sunday service starts with the clasical piano of Vladimir and the service starts at 10:30 with all joining in on You are Welcome Here!

Where do I park?
Come down Glebe Road towards the chapel and you will see a driveway just after the white signs at the front. Turn in and park going down the driveway or in the larger main parking lot a short distance down. On Sunday the first dozen spots are for handicap access.
What should I wear?
We encourage you to come as you are and to bring your family, friends, and neighbors. We have always been gathering place that first started in peoples homes. Most will come informally, in business casual but some will also come in suits and fancy hats. Its sort of fun to see the mix.
Ramps &Elevator
Handicap parking is at the start of the lot nearest the door. The chapel is accessible from the parking lot just to the right of the steps by a break in the sidewalk that leads to a gentle ramp leading into the lower level Fellowship Hall. At the base of the ramp to the left there is a self-operated elevator to the Sanctuary level that will hold up to three people at a time.

We enjoy our Chancel Choir and Bell Choir which are open to all.  All join in for traditional and contemporary hymns, songs and carols with highlight performance from individuals and the choirs.  With the example of Charles Wesley, Methodist Churchs are always filled with wonderful voices singing in harmony.

Which book to use?

Our music is so varied it covers three books of music.  First, there is the big red book which is the Methodist Hymnal of traditional music.  There is a black soft-back entitled the Faith We Sing that contains popular music.  The third book is Worship & Song contains a wide variety of music as it is like your computer’s UPDATE NOW for Methodist Music lovers.

When to Stand or Sit
Methodist move.  We sit, we stand, we say Amen, Amen, Amen.  To make it easier for all (even ourselves) the bulletin for Sunday has a little * that tells us to stand.  If you don’t see it, you sit.  You can also follow a member with a badge, but that doesn’t always work.
How much should I give?
We give of ourselves, we give our time, and we give money because without the grease of money, none of the wheels turn. There is no rule, no guidance, no examples, no right or wrong for how much to give other than all gifts should be freely given. Gifts come from the heart and something we do because we want to not because we have to or should.
A Chapel Experience
We still call ourselves a Chapel because it represents the close friendships that grow in a small church. Here everyone knows and cares about everyone. We don’t always agree and that gives spice to life, but we are always bound by love for each other.

The message is thought provoking and inspirational. It will cause you to pause during the week and say, “game changer!”

There is always something to do from working your brain to straining your muscles. We are small and do a lot for ourselves and others.


Baptism is a sacred ceremony of the ages to welcome God into the heart and soul and prepare one for the life ahead.


Confirmation is a special occasion recognizing an individual’s study and devotion as they join the Church as a full member.  It is a time for youths to bond in Christian fellowships that last a lifetime.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Special meals are a wonderful time to gather, have some fantastic food, and enjoy each other’s company.  In the spring we have Shrove Tuesday with pancakes and in the fall it’s Thanksgiving with all the trimings.  In between there are great cook outs and tailgate parties.  Put on your hungry bib and come join us!

Face Painting

Face painting is a favorite at Walker Chapel events.  A good time when youths engage with others and let their decoration imaginations go!

Entertainment for All

A multi-talented group of chapelytes often come together to share their skills with all ages.  Good weather cook-outs are a favorite time as are the special meals like Shrove Tuesday and Thanksgiving.

I Do

A time of life full of hope, love, and dedication.  The Chapel is a unique place for weddings, historically significant, artisticly painted against the green background of lawn and trees, steps between soaring pillers as the doors open to a brand new tomorrow.

Benevolence = Love

The Chapel is a giving church as gifts are passed through to local, national and international benevolent groups and Methodist missions.  We hold our plant and book sale called Aprifest, we hold our Fall Bazar called Octoberfest, and give all the gifts received during Lent & Easter and Advent & Christmas to charity.  It’s a great way to see your dollor go to great people.

Great Food, Great Cooks

Good gatherings must have good food.  Many in the Chapel volunteer to provide a bountiful table after each Sunday Service, on special dinners like Shrove Tuesday and Thanksgiving, and during cook outs and tailgate parties.  Its a great time to enjoy each other’s company.

One Table

There is only one table and everyone is invited.  We all partake from the same cup, we all take a piece of bread from the same loaf, we all enjoy the friendship, trust, and love that only inclusiveness brings.


Each fall we gather items donated by the community and hold our Fall Bazar called Octoberfest.  The entire Chapel works together for weeks receiving donations and preparing for the day.  All proceeds go directly to local, national and international charities…ALL PROCEEDS.  Come see the Chapel in Action!

Music, Music, Music

John Wesley founded Methodism, but it was his brother Charles that brought the music.  We enjoy music of all kinds and even have three different hymnals that cover traditional to contemporary music.  Come hear our Chancel Choir and Bell Choir and, if you like, join either group and rejoice in music.

Yule Log & Hot Chocolate

The Yule Log is a significant part of Christmas traditions.  It is a symbol of prosperity and luck. It is believed, if the tradition is followed with sincerity and devotion, it would bring good health, wealth and productivity in the year ahead. We gather and light the yule log on our front lawn while enjoing carols and hot chocolate.  All are welcome so come join in this year!

Celebrating a Life

The Chapel Historic Cemetery is a peaceful garden where we care for our loved ones for eternity.  Whether here or elsewhere in the world, we are here to assist and ease the time with services that celebrate a life dear to all of us.

Our Works

By day we look quite sophisticated in our best dress, but when the time comes we put on our grubbies and get down together.  Nothing like getting your hands dirty for the Lord!


The Chapel pre-school is a community favorite.  Here children learn to play and work together, they build friendships with other children, as do their parents.