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You have been hearing in Sunday service about our stewardship campaign for 2020, which will center around Consecration Sunday, November 24th. Walker Chapel is a special and tight-knit community:  It is a family and home to many; fundraising for benevolences is a hallmark; and members come together in Bible studies, the book club and other activities to explore how to live a Christian life in our day and time. The church with its recognizable steeple and its nearly 150-year history is also a fixture of the larger community and touches lives beyond the Walker Chapel congregation.

Many have given for special campaigns: To repair the damage from flooding, to restore the cemetery, and to help with the children and arts program. We thank you for this!

Stewardship is different. Stewardship is like a brick for our foundation. It is about ensuring the ongoing ministry of Walker Chapel and the future of our community. We support Walker Chapel in many ways: With our presence, our participation, our efforts, and our time.  Your pledge will help fund the day-to-day operations of our church – pastor’s, youth minister’s and staff’s salaries; the music program for Sunday service; and ongoing maintenance and operations. It also helps us meet our obligations to the United Methodist Church at large – including for district activities, clergy health care and retired clergy benefits, and international missions.

We ask you to prayerfully consider an increase in your pledge or to make a pledge commitment for the first time. For several years now Walker Chapel has been running a deficit. This means our income is less than our expenses. Only about 55 percent of our annual expenses of about $400,000 is met from pledges. The other major income components – seasonal giving and fundraising at Aprilfest and Octoberfest – are dedicated toward benevolences. And we also generate some property income to help defray the costs for our buildings. Thanks to sustained efforts by some members we enjoying a negotiated significant increase in the cell tower fees. Our expenses reflect the priorities of the Walker Chapel community and seem fair for what we want done. 

During worship service several members have and will share their connection with and love for Walker Chapel. And you will have your own story.

Please pray about your giving and commit to a pledge. Walker Chapel depends on your generosity! You can send in a pledge card (enclosed or in the pews), pledge online on this page or send an email to  

Grace and peace to you, now and forever, as we Give Thanks!

For God so loved the world…

A giving heart is God’s gift to us. When we have much, we give to those less fortunate…when we are in need, the Chapel family reaches out and cares for us.  Like the footsteps in the sand there are times when we are able to step out boldly with Him by our side, but there are also times when we are weak and need Him to carry us.  We are not alone as we walk together through this life.