Hands of God: Students for Environmental and Social Justice

Walker Chapel’s student group, Hands of God: Students for Environmental Justice put together a wonderful worship service for us to celebrate Native American Ministries Sunday that coincides with celebrating Earth Day. Watch that service here.

They have also put together a proposal of ways the Chapel can double down on our responsibility to environmental sustainability. You can read their inspiring letter to the Church Council here.

I also hope you will follow and sing along (lyrics are here) with this Native American hymn, “The Earth is our Mother”. The origin is attributed by various sources to the Lakota, Hupa or Hopi Nations, Pan-Native American, or possibly simply inspired by traditional Native American chants. “Ah-ho” is a traditional Native American affirmation which can be roughly translated as “we are together, we are one.” Director of Spiritual Practices and liaison to our student Group Sandra Kammann, has recorded the song here.

Students have also put together short list of environmental organizations for congregants who would like to learn more about actively supporting environmental causes.